Corporate Office

Corporate Office

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Shreveport, Louisiana

6,000 Square Feet

Services Provided
Architectural Design
Interior Design

The interior of this office building was once an orange-tinted tribute to the 1980’s. Original materials, including corrugated wall cloth and brick paver tile floors, set the pace for this aesthetic. Prevot Design was consulted to design a contemporary, yet classical update in the public spaces, conference rooms and the President’s private suite. In the public spaces, cool earth tones and warm neutrals harmonize to create a serene environment – warm gray, cool blue, espresso brown and cream. Furniture groupings and a custom reception desk were incorporated to define wait seating and flow. In the grand conference room, the same colors were incorporated, but in a different concentration. Wood perforated ceiling tiles and a sculpted ceiling feature assist in acoustical properties while the remote-controlled IT and lighting system take this room into presentation mode. The President’s suite was outfitted with new furniture, some pieces from the classic Knoll collections, and fresh finishes. A furniture, accessories and lighting package was created for all spaces mentioned as well. The final phase of this interior renovation was completed in 2012.