Geo T. Bishop Historic Downtown Building

Geo T. Bishop Historic Downtown Building

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Shreveport, Louisiana

47,600 Square Feet
Historic Rehabilitation

Services Provided
Architectural Design
Interior Design


The building was constructed in the 1920’s as an automobile dealership equipped with showroom, offices, maintenance shop, paint booth, vehicle assembly and vehicle storage. Prevot Design Services is the Designer/Owner/Developer of this building that has been re-developed as an office building providing over 16,000 square feet of tenant space as well as an event space with a catering kitchen. The main floor which fronts Spring Street welcomes visitors upon arrival in the original grand showroom lobby space. Three sides of the building are lined with tall expansive windows. The structural spans are long, thus creating open expanses for unimpeded office development. However, the rooftop is the diamond in the rough. It is believed that the structural capacity of the existing building would support future floors of vertical expansion. With the prominent location of the building at the corner of Spring Street and Milam Street this has huge potential. The views of downtown and the Red River from the rooftop are already staggering, and with additional floors the views would be even more impressive. The project was nominated for a Louisiana Heritage Award in 2013.