Haughton Middle School

Haughton Middle School

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Haughton, Louisiana

176,000 Square Feet

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Interior Design

When Haughton Middle School is constructed, Bossier Parish will build its first three-story middle school to accommodate the rapidly growing student population in the eastern part of the parish. With over 60 classrooms, this new school is designed for 1,500 students from the sixth through eighth grades. Haughton Middle School will be nestled on 30+ acres along Highway 3227 to the west of the Tuscany subdivision. A large, centrally located commons/dining area will be incorporated into the academic wing. Athletic facilities will include a gym with bleacher seating for 1,600 and with the capability for additional bleacher and floor seating. Due to the large number of buses and traffic generated from parent pick-up and drop-off, parking will be designed for 40 buses and 200+ vehicles, as well as, 500 spaces for event parking.