KDAQ Public Radio Studio

KDAQ Public Radio Studio

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Shreveport, Louisiana

4,800 Square Feet
Interior Renovation

Services Provided
Interior Design

Louisiana State University in Shreveport and KDAQ Radio Station asked Prevot Design Services to design a new performance studio and radio broadcasting station within the old Baptist Student Union Building at the edge of the LSUS campus. The building was originally a church sanctuary with a steep pitched roof structure. PDS chose to locate the performance studio under the high ceilings of the sanctuary space, but suspended perforated metal acoustical clouds to both diffuse and disperse sound. The performance studio was enhanced with acoustical engineering features such as angled walls, acoustic baffles, and sound deadening doors. A frameless glass wall was selected to separate the entry lobby from the main space in order to enhance the visual experience. Upon entering the building the studio is showcased from the lobby waiting area.