Loomis Armored US Headquarters

Loomis Armored US Headquarters

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Houston, Texas

36,000 Square Feet

Services Provided
Interior Design

Loomis selected PDS to be the architects for the new Loomis Armored US Headquarters Facility in Houston, TX. The new headquarters goal is to combine both the Loomis Interior Standards that PDS has helped cultivate over the past few years in working with Loomis Armored across the US, with a new innovative ‘Class A’ open office environment. PDS is working closely with the CEO of Loomis and JLL Project Managers to understand their current headquarters operations and needs in order to develop their new office to be more fluid and adaptable, to not only promote creativity and collaboration, but to maximize the ability to accommodate for their undeniable growth and change. The traditional solid walls and doors lined up on the exterior glass have been supplanted by flexible open office design on the glass with glass offices pushed to the interior, to not only allow natural light in throughout the whole space, but also to allow for collaboration areas designed for connectivity throughout. Spontaneity is to be encouraged and celebrated in this new modern office environment. Their new built office environment has a direct impact on employee morale, performance, and over quality of office life.