Ristorante Giuseppe – Uptown Shopping Center

Ristorante Giuseppe – Uptown Shopping Center

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Shreveport, Louisiana

10,000 Square Feet
New Construction

Services Provided
Architectural Design
Interior Design

Ristorante Giuseppe is the creation of Giuseppe Brucia, an Italian Master Chef. The restaurant serves as a theatre for Giuseppe to perform his fine art of preparing exquisite international cuisine on the grand stage, his kitchen. The kitchen at Ristorante Giuseppe is a collection of the world’s finest equipment, custom made in Italy and installed by an Italian crew. It is intentionally open to the Dining Room so that the guests may enjoy the action while anxiously awaiting the Chef’s creations. The Bar is designed and finished to be as interesting and compelling as the libations within its walls. Chef Giuseppe’s son, Joe, has an eclectic collection of musical tunes playing in the background to complete the ambiance of the space to the patron’s delight. The restaurant is over 10,000 square feet, and was constructed within an existing shopping center. It located in an area known for its quaint and classy establishments.