WK Live Oak Retirement Community – North Pavilion

WK Live Oak Retirement Community – North Pavilion

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Shreveport, Louisiana

28,000 Square Feet
New Construction

Services Provided
Architectural Design
Interior Design
Landscape Design

The Oaks of Louisiana’s new Lakeview Pavilion incorporates 30 new resident units. Our design is in tune with the new “Social Model” being implemented in other areas of the country. In the “Social Model,” resident spaces are grouped into smaller pods and with a maximum of fifteen residents. Each pod is called a “household,” complete with its own living spaces and a group dining area. The residents are encouraged to use these spaces much like they would if they were at home. The new building is fully landscaped and incorporates an exterior porch area to allow residents to go on scenic walks, relax by the duck pond, or go fishing.