WK Rehabilitation Institute

WK Rehabilitation Institute

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Shreveport, Louisiana

145,000 Square Feet

Services Provided

Interior Design
Project Management
Structural Engineering

Willis-Knighton purchased the old Doctors Hospital on Line Avenue in Shreveport and challenged PDS to design a new state-of-the-art facility that would be the only Geriatric Behavioral Medicine Hospital and Rehabilitation Hospital in the area. The facility offered great challenges having been constructed in at least five phases over 90 years. To make the process even more interesting, the site falls over 40 feet from the south end to the north end. The existing buildings were situated at many different levels to conform to the existing grades. The upgraded facility meets ADA and code requirements in spite of this challenge. The project schedule was compressed and the design work had to be delivered in a very short time frame. The end productwill return an important piece of the urban fabric back to the people of Shreveport as a functioning asset for the community. It also preserves a valuable piece of Shreveport’s medical history.